Jesus, Pentecost and the Church Jesus, Pentecost and the Church follows the journey of Jesus from his ministry on earth, to the outp.. Product #: JPC based on 0 reviews

Jesus, Pentecost and the Church

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Jesus, Pentecost and the Church by John J. Hillier   64 pages 

In ‘Jesus, Pentecost and the Church’, we see what Jesus did when he walked on earth, how Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit and power on the disciples on the day of Pentecost creating the church, and then we see how the church should function, in the Spirit, according to the New Testament.

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The Kingdom of Heaven is Near
The Mystery and Power of the Kingdom
The Day of Pentecost
The Church in Jerusalem
The Body of Christ
The Life of the Church
Gifts of the Spirit to the Church
When You Meet Together

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